Yan Luo

Lab Director and PI of research projects. (aka the ‘chief fundraising officer’)



Peilong Li

Area: Big Data, Parallel Computing and Computer Architecture.


Yongyi Ran

Area:Network Measurement, Stochastic Optimization, Adaptive Video Transmission. 

Ph.D. Student


Chen Xu

Area: Software-Defined Networking and Network Measurement.


Xiaoban Wu

Area: Network Measurement.                  



Li Zhou

Area: Data Analytics                                 


Ioannis Smanis

Area: Medical devices, Wearable technology,  Medical Image Processing.

Master Student

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Mian Ibrahim


Undergraduate Student


Elie Daou



  • Sanping Li, PhD,
    Dissertation Topic: Towards Ultra-High Speed Online Network Traffic Classification with Machine Learning Algorithms and OpenFlow Accelerators ,
  • Philip Colangelo, MS,
    Thesis topic: Robotic Assistive Arm in Health Care, 2014,
    BAE Systems
  • Eric Murray, MS,
    passed thesis defense on April 25, 2012.
    Thesis title: Network Processor Accelerated Network Traffic Classification Based on OpenFlow. 2012,
    Netronome Systems,
  • Timothy Ficarra, MS,
    passed thesis defense on April 5, 2011.
    Thesis title: Programmable Edge Node OpenFlow Switch Development and Performance Evaluation,
    Sonus Networks
  • Craig Masley, MS,
    passed thesis defense on Nov 2010.
    Thesis title: High Speed Data Communication for Network Testing in a Hybrid Simulation and Emulation Environment,
    Draper Lab
  • Jonathan LaBroad, MS,
    passed thesis defense on April 5, 2011.
    Thesis title: Performance Analysis of Reconfigurable Logic Accelerators in Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures.
  • Chunhui Zhang, MS,
    passed thesis defense on Nov 6, 2009.
    Thesis title: “The Performance Evaluation of a Virtualized Programmable Edge Node for Network Innovations”,
  • Aiken Pang, MS graduated in May 2008.
    Project title: Design and Implementation of Wireless Camera Sensors.
    Assurance Technology Corporation
    Mr. Aiken Pang won the “Dean’s Gold Medal” award in 2008.
  • Christopher Hayes, MS graduated in April 2007.
    Thesis title: Implementation of Reduced Storage Finite Automata in Field Programmable Gate Arrays.
    MIT Lincoln Lab
  • Justin Latham, MS graduated in April 2007.
    Thesis title: Deep Packet Inspection with the Intel Internet Exchange Architecture Network Processor.
    BAE Systems, UTC
  • Sourav Maity, MS, graduated in Sept 2006.
    Thesis title: Anatomy and Performance Evaluation of Network Intrusion Detection Systems